”Vacancies at ISIE must be filled by early September” (Baffoun)

“Vacancies at the Independent High Authority for the Elections (ISIE) must be filled by the beginning of September 2017,” ISIE member Nabil Baffoun said on Saturday.

He added that the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HPR) should hold an extraordinary session to fill the vacancies at this authority and elect its president.

The filling of the vacancies and the election of the president and the two members of the ISIE Board should be conducted as soon as possible insofar as the legal provisions that follow the election of the new members may take time, he told TAP.

The elected president is the sole individual empowered to sign the regulatory decisions governing this process and that should be published before September 19, start date of the submission of applications for the municipal elections, in addition to the decisions regarding the funding of electoral campaigns and the organisation of the media, he pointed out.

The final list of candidates for the municipal elections will be published on November 9.

The electoral campaign will run from November 25 to December 15. December 16 will be the electoral silence day and the polls are scheduled for December 17.



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