Road section Luau / Cazombo on Ministry of Public Works priorities

The fact was announced Friday, in the press, in Luena, by the director of the provincial office of Infrastructure and Technical Services, Osvaldo Luciano Ferreira Pinto.

The official reaffirmed that the priority is due to the fact that the road section is a strategic route that allows the connection with two neighboring countries, namely the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

The official explained that the project still needs approval from the Executive in order to guarantee its financing.

The ministry according to Osvaldo Luciano Pinto also plans to do some rehabilitation on the road connecting Luzí / Cassamba / Cangamba, with more than 200 kilometers.

This month of July the Minister of Construction and Public Works, Manuel Tavares de Almeida, made an assessment of the state of the roads in the province of Moxico for a possible intervention in the near future.


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