Reports of suspected corruption in stock market brought to justice (CTAF)

The Tunisian Committee for Financial Analysis (CTAF) said a number of reports of suspected corruption in the financial market from banks have been brought to courts. They pertain to the use of the stock market to insert earnings from corruption operations that have reached in some cases a value of 300 thousand dinars.

The committee’s report entitled ‘National Assessment of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risks’ highlighted a real threat to the operation of the Tunis Stock Exchange in financial crimes despite the small number of declarations.

The report, which examined the risks of the role of the financial market in money laundering, underlined that 23 stock market brokers operate on the financial market (2015), whose market capitalization has reached 21.1% of GDP.

The CTAF has indicated that stockbrokers have only filed 12 declarations of presumptions of corruption between 2005 and 2017, or 0.58% of the reports received by the committee, adding that the majority of these reports, whose pace has declined, in recent years, relate to transactions in connection with the former regime.



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