MultiChoice Zambia in an Inappropriate Cartoon Network Content Quagmire

Zambian subsidiary of South African leading video entertainment and internet company MultiChoice is in an inappropriate Cartoon Network content quagmire. Yesterday (10) August, Zambian citizens took to face book their rage and disappointment on what they dubbed inappropriate content for children on Cartoon Network Channel. This followed social media circulation of a Cartoon Network clip of inappropriate R18 visual in cartoon character formats. However the video entertainment company refuted allegations of the same citing non authenticity of the social media circulating pictures. Below is a response sourced from social media that the company placed on chats of people expressing disappointment;

“Be advised that we are aware of the justified concern of some of our African viewers regarding what purportedly shows inappropriate content on Cartoon Network. We can confirm without hesitation that these images are not authentic and have never been broadcasted or shared on any official Cartoon Network platforms in Africa in any capacity. The fake images on social media were not produced by Cartoon Network, and are in no way representative of our goal to provide suitable, age-appropriate entertainment for African children and families. DSTV Response 10 August 

MultiChoice Zambia's response to allegations of inappropriate Cartoon Network Content.
MultiChoice Zambia’s response to allegations of inappropriate Cartoon Network Content.

Reputation Risk and Evils of Cable Tv 
The first ever uproar on Cartoon Network content was in Nigeria.  A few months earlier in the year , Kenyan authorities had taken MultiChoice to task on content review for Cartoon Network following some series that aired scenes and characters incompatible with African custom. Zambia Business Times raised an article imploring the Independent Broadcasting Authority to take the Kenyan incident as an eye opener for firmer tv content review. We have been of the view that what is bad for Kenyan children is bad for every other child in Africa at least because Zambia shares very identical values to Kenya. We urge Multichoice to issue a press statement to clear these allegations if at all they wish to set the record straight and preserve their reputation.

We urge the Independent Broadcasting Authority – IBA to take a proactive stance in monitoring issues of this nature to protect the well being of the Zambian children in this era of Internet and cable tv which is contributing to moral decay. Parents are also encouraged to tighten their grip on monitoring what their kids spend time doing especially what they watch and browse on the internet as they have a duty to preserve our cultural standards. It becomes alarming to hear such allegations especially in this time of digitization. “Parents are expected to raise children in the ways of the Lord so that they don’t depart from them when they grow. It’s all biblical, a concerned Lusaka resident. MultiChoice is in business but should bear in mind the social environment which is shaped by cultural values, he said.


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