Ministers Concerned with Minerals File to Hold Meeting in Khartoum Today

The fifth meeting of the state coordination council will convene at the premises of the Ministry of Minerals today.

The meeting will be addressed by the Minister of Minerals Professor Hashim Ali Salim in the presence of the ministers concerned with minerals file at the states who represent the membership of the said council.
The meeting will discuss a number of pressing mining issues at the states.
The Director of the General Administration of States and Coordination at the Ministry of Minerals Abdulhadi Mohamed Kheir disclosed that all measures are completed for holding the meeting in the presence of 14 ministers concerned with minerals file in the states.
Abdulhadi noted that the meeting will discuss reports on performance of states coordination councils which were formed in the year 2014 at the levels states, localities, mining and markets and their performance will be assessed as directed responsibility of mining in the states is bestowed on them.
The meeting will also discuss what is accomplished in societal responsibility provided by mining companies operating in the states.



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