Malanje: Tourism Minister praises potential of new hotels

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Paulino Baptista said that the province and the country in general have just gained another area of ​​attraction, within the scope of the private investment of expanding the hotel chain.

The hotel, inaugurated by the Minister, provides conditions to accommodate several tourists, business people and citizens from Malanje and other parts of the country and the world who visit Calandula municipality.

 On the occasion, the governor of the northern Malanje province, Norberto Fernandes dos Santos “Kwata Kanawa”, considered a gain the emergence of this hotel, as it shows how tirelessly the government has been working to create conditions for entrepreneurs so that they may achieve their objectives of investing for the common welfare of citizens.

He considered that the emergence of this project in the perimeter of the Calandula falls, is a proof of the openness that the government has given to entrepreneurs and the opportunity for other projects of this kind to be created in the region of Calandula.

Norberto dos Santos assured that the government will support convincing and well structured projects, especially those that serve the interest of citizens and contribute to the development of the province.

With two floors, the hotel “Pousada de Calandula” comprises seven rooms, including suites and also has administrative and social services areas, such as catering for 100 people, meeting and conference room, among other compartments.

Calendula municipality is potentially touristic, with the falls of Calandula, Musseleje and Mbango-anzenza, among other attractions that made it become a pole of tourism development, created for more than four years by Presidential Decree.


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