Bié: Vinevala Farm expects to harvest over 1,000 tones of potato

Speaking to Angop Friday, the head of the farm, Alfeu Vinevala, said that in relation to the previous period there will be an increase of 200 tons of potatoes, taking into account the good performance of the farmers.

The success of the production is due to the 100 hectares of land prepared for the production of potatoes, corn, beans and vegetables.

However the creation of over 200 cattle, goats, pigs and diverse birds is associated.
Vinevala farm occupies an area of 427 hectares and counts on 183 young people as work force.

Farmer Alfeu Vinevala is currently the largest producer of potatoes in the region.
Chinguar municipality in Bié, has a population of 117. 470 inhabitants, mainly distributed in two communes, Cangote and Cutato.


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