Shelves play a practical role of decluttering and organizing items within our homes and offices as well. However, these versatile furniture pieces can also be used to display some of our most treasured items. Here are a few easy to follow tips that you might find useful.

Declutter the shelves

Begin by stripping down the shelves and sorting out the items that are worthy of being displayed. Organize the books based on their genres, color and size. Put away the shabby looking items and always remember less is more. When styling your shelves avoid displaying items that are of no value to you to avoid overcrowding.

Have a backdrop

If you would like, you can consider changing the background color of your shelves by either adding eye-catching wallpaper of a pop of color. For instance, you can spice things up by adding a shade darker than the shelves themselves.

Put item weight into consideration

The shelves look more beautiful when the heavier and the chunkier looking items are placed at the lower shelves. For example, you can have the storage containers and bigger baskets placed at the bottom of the shelves and smaller items placed higher up the shelves. For more information on how to style your shelves, make your way to

Layer the items

In order to create height and depth on your shelves start by layering the items. You can do this by starting with the taller items then followed by the medium to the short ones to achieve this. Instead of lining up your items on the same visual plane, you can create depth by adding larger ornamental displays or picture frames behind smaller items to create a great backdrop.

Add artistic pieces

Art pieces tend to add a breath of fresh air anywhere they are placed and the shelves are no exception. Layer your art pieces next to your book collection for a more appealing look. However, keep in mind that adding artwork on each and every shelf could make it look too busy. So avoid this by carefully spreading out the art pieces and ensure that they cover not more than one-third of your shelves.

More items you might want to display on your shelves

  • Add vases to add height and to also act as a holder for your plants
  • You can add a few family photos but be careful not to overcrowd the shelves with them.
  • Add a pop of color and texture by incorporating plants.